Bill Shore Honored with L. Richardson Preyer Alumni Award

Bill Shore was welcomed into an exclusive cohort of LNC alumni when he received the 2013 L. Richardson Preyer Alumni Award during the LNC Forum on January 24 in Charlotte.  The L. Richardson Preyer Alumni Award was established in honor of the late Greensboro congressman who was instrumental in the early days of LNC.

The award is presented each year to a graduate of LNC whose leadership has made a significant improvement in the quality of life, economic well-being, and/or sense of community in our state.  Bill is an alumnus of LNC Class I, a former member of the LNC Board of Directors, and previously served as director of U.S. Community Partnerships with GlaxoSmithKline in Research Triangle Park.  Bill has served his community and state in many ways but most significantly in the areas of education and health, bringing these two sectors into partnership with business.

Over the years Bill has recruited many leaders from GlaxoSmithKline to participate in the LNC program.  In presenting the award to Bill, LNC Class XVII alumna Leslie Walden of Fidelity Investments stated, “Bill in a word is a connector. He puts leaders in contact with one another for the purpose of helping other organizations achieve greater success. He thrives on synergies and has helped connect LNC with other organizations to maximize opportunities.”

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