Class XXI Supports the MATCH Program at NCCIW

After their tour of NCCIW, Class XXI members Kelly Caldwell and Stacie LeGrow have worked with the executive director of the Mothers and Their Children (MATCH) program at the prison to identify some immediate and longer-term needs.  Please contact Stacie and Kelly or respond to if you are able to help out!


25  – $20 gas cards (Exxon, Shell, Hess).  All gas cards to be purchased as equal dollar values ($20 per card rather than $50 or $100 cards).  These cards are given to families who drive long distances to bring the children who participate in the MATCH program.

Other Gift Cards. If we have interest from others to donate more, Diane would request an additional 25 – $20 gift cards from Walmart or Target.  These cards are used for gifts that are given to the children either during the Winter Celebration or their birthdays.  These gift cards can also be used to give to families to help pay for meals/food during their travel to meet with the mothers in MATCH.

Volunteer Drivers.  There is a need for Volunteer Drivers to pick up families from the airport (RDU); pick families up from the hotel (near Crabtree Valley Mall) and drive them to the prison; pick families up from the prison and back to the hotel during the Winter Celebration time period of Thursday Dec 12 – Monday Dec 16th.


Volunteer drivers from the following areas to take families (children and guardian) to their 3 hour visit at MATCH.

  • Rocky Mount
  • Greensboro
  • Charlotte
  • Red Springs/Maxton(Lumberton area)
  • Kinston
  • Leland
  • Pembroke

Volunteers to share skill sets to help women to help them adjust when getting out of prison.  Ideas of possible skill sets to share through a few day program:

  • Balancing check book and keeping a budget
  • Resume preparation to get a job when they get out
  • Basic computer software training  (excel, outlook, word)
  • Nutrition or cooking training for kid friendly meals
  • Starting a small business class
  • Presenting yourself to potential employers

Any of these could be forums or demo classes, i.e.,  as a demo class for resume preparation, perhaps have a class on resume preparation with examples, women leave and draft one for homework and then review resumes in another session or there could be a longer class where they learn about and develop resumes in one session.  There could be a forum with several individuals who are employers talking about what they look for in new hires, how someone with a conviction could make themselves more attractive to be hired, with questions from MATCH Moms, etc.

Program length and timing is dependent on volunteer trainer.  The person could offer a weekly class for one or more consecutive weeks or a monthly class or even a one-time class.  The computer class is dependent upon us getting computers in MATCH.

If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer driver, there is some basic prequalification paperwork that is required. (Some background info is needed but it is not as extensive as is needed to enter the prison.  They will also need to provide proof of car insurance, valid driver’s license).

If anyone is interested in volunteering in the MATCH facility to share skill sets or be a Visit Supervisor, there is a full background check run by the prison and there are two forms that need to be filled out and these can be found on the website.  The forms on the website are for visit supervisors and those who will be returning to volunteer multiple times.

If individuals are only coming a few times to facilitate a program (e.g. one time forum or multi-week class), they will need to provide info for a background check and Diane will get approval for the program/class they want to teach.

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