leslie walden, LNC CLASS xvii

Vice President of Public Affairs, Fidelity Investments

Having grown up in North Carolina, I am proud of the rich culture, heritage and business community here.  Although my years in North Carolina have provided me with many invaluable relationships and experiences, LNC took me out of my regional bubble and gave me a more diverse view of our state and advanced my understanding of what truly makes it great.  It is humbling to know that our LNC leadership takes that knowledge and applies it to the issues and opportunities that will keep North Carolina competitive and thriving in the future.    The experiences I shared with some 40 of my regional LNC class peers were successful in building relationships that will stand the test of time and have fostered a network of collaboration around big ideas.   I am pleased that my employer Fidelity Investments is a key supporter of Leadership North Carolina’s mission to improve the quality of life in our state.  We’ve got work to do and each year of new class of LNC leaders emerges ready to accept the challenge.

Alumni Photo--Walden, Leslie