Don’t Miss Out: Be Part of LNC Class XXVI

With the Class XXV program year well under way, the LNC Team is already focused on recruiting the next class of exceptional leaders from across the state.  Winter is an excellent time to begin working LNC into schedules and budgets for 2018-2019.

Prospective candidates can see the dates and locations for Class XXVI on the Apply page of our website.  Completing the interest form on that page ensures that you will receive our newsletter and announcements about program dates and deadlines.  Dates and locations for the Class 2018-2019 program year are also available through that link.  The application period for Class XXVI opens on May 16, 2018, and runs through June 29.

If you are an LNC alum or know promising candidates, please help spread the word. Word-of-mouth is our most effective recruitment strategy, and LNC’s friends and alumni are our best recruitment resource.  We need you to share your LNC experience within your networks and beyond.  If you know promising candidates, talk with them about your LNC story, point them to the LNC Program page of our website for more details, and be sure to complete this Candidate Suggestion Form so we can follow up.

The LNC program strives to reflect the diversity and characteristics of all 100 North Carolina counties.  There are 15 counties that have not yet been represented by LNC alumni or participants.  Please help us meet the goal of our 100 County Initiative by connecting us with promising candidates from these 15 counties.

We want to help!  If you connect with prospective candidates or if you have questions about the LNC program, please let us know.  Contact LNC program director Kelly Turner ( so we can support your outreach or share more information.

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