Red Thread Projects

LNC has been extremely successful in providing knowledge and strategies to participants that encourage them to take action and leverage their networks and resources for benefit of the state. However, there has been no formal structure providing a gateway for graduates to easily connect to local or statewide volunteer opportunities, boards, task forces, commissions, and public-private partnerships. The Red Thread Project is an innovative initiative designed to meet this need.

We envision that the Red Thread Project will not only engage our powerful network of participants and alumni; it will reach well beyond this core group. We expect it to allow participants and alumni to lead the charge by taking Red Thread Project opportunities back to their employers, employees, and personal circles to use their knowledge and influence to make a greater impact on the state.

The Red Thread Project is a year-round program designed to engage LNC program participants and alumni in leadership and service throughout North Carolina. Strategic partnerships are being formed to sustain the efforts of the project in five particular areas.  2013-14 partnerships include:

The collaborations will yield long-term and one-time volunteer projects to benefit statewide nonprofits or public-private partnerships. From opportunities for alumni to serve on business councils to support organizations such as the New Schools Project to statewide service opportunities such as providing much needed items and service to the United Service Organizations of North Carolina (USO), the Red Thread Project will become a hub for participants and alumni to connect to opportunities to lead and to serve, and it will become a resource for statewide organizations to find highly qualified and connected leaders in North Carolina.