How Can I Plug In to LNC?


Are you interested in connecting with other alumni and staying engaged with LNC?  Please contact us at if you are interested in serving on the Recruitment, Alumni, Marketing, or Development Committees.  We welcome board and non-board members on these committees to encourage broader engagement.

You have likely received invitations to the monthly LNC breakfasts held in the Charlotte area.  Since LNC alumni are often traveling across the state, we share these invitations statewide in case some of you happen to be in Charlotte and can attend a breakfast.  A Triangle area breakfast is in the works—be on the lookout for an invitation soon.  If you would like to assist with starting a regional breakfast in your area, please contact us at  A special thanks to Mike Barnes and Shay Prosser of LNC Class XX and Wanda Montano of LNC Class X for kicking off this effort in Charlotte.



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