Introducing the LNC Alumni LinkedIn Group

LNC alumni have expressed their interest in connecting with one another across classes.  To foster this communication, we have created a Leadership North Carolina Alumni LinkedIn group.  This closed group is a subgroup of the existing Leadership North Carolina group.  Only LNC alumni and staff will be able to join and collaborate through the Alumni group.  We will use this group to share news, link to the quarterly newsletter, and provide updates about upcoming events and opportunities.  Most of all we hope you will use this group to interact with one another, share things of interest to LNC alumni, and extend your LNC experience.

Click here to join the open Leadership North Carolina group.  Next, click the Leadership North Carolina Alumni group link on the right side to request to join that group as well.  Once your request is approved, you’ll be able to see posts and join in the discussions.  Don’t worry LNC Class XXI.  You’ll be welcome to join upon graduation from the LNC program on May 8, 2014!  Please contact us with any questions.

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