It’s Time to Have a Cup of Coffee

We have connected with many of LNC’s alumni, friends, and supporters since the election on November 8th.  It was a tumultuous election cycle, one that illuminated deep divisions in our state and our nation.  No matter your opinion of the results, there is much healing to be done.

Leaders within the LNC network represent a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, reflecting the rich and varied fabric of our state. This unique group is powerfully situated to be part of the healing process.

Each year we launch the Leadership North Carolina Orientation session with a creative and impactful exercise.  Through this exercise, members of each new LNC class get to know each other by first and last name only.  No titles, no employers, no other affiliations.  The bedrock of the LNC program is the cultivation of personal relationships followed by intensive learning.

That initial experience of getting to know one another sets the foundation for the rest of the program year and the full LNC experience.  Through all the content covered during the LNC program, we reinforce that it’s the relationships among leaders that allow us to tackle big challenges, seize opportunities, and have difficult conversations with civility and respect.  This works because our participants have shown us, time and again, that they value the relationships they develop through LNC.  They trust and respect one another.  They know that their actions matter and that we all must model what we want to see in our state.

For the past several years, John Davis of the John Davis Political Report has launched our Government session with a look at North Carolina’s political landscape.  His overview highlights both common ground and divergent viewpoints.  He concludes his presentation by inviting the current LNC class to “have a cup of coffee with someone who thinks differently than you.”

To bridge the divides in our state, to model what we want to see, and to build understanding, we invite you to do the same.  For LNC alumni, use your program connections to reach out to alumni who see things differently.  For our friends and supporters, use your personal and professional networks to start new conversations. Ask questions to understand someone else’s perspective.  Listen.  It might not be easy. It’s likely to take more than one cup of coffee. But we know the power of relationships to bring our state together.  Please join us.


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