LNC Guides Needed for Class XXII

The LNC Guide program has been very popular in its inaugural year.  The members of Class XXI enjoyed the connections with their LNC alumni partners, and alumni have been enthusiastic about serving as mentors to new class members.

The Guide program pairs each incoming class member with an LNC alumna/us.  The alumni welcome their partners to LNC, share their perspectives on how to make the most of the LNC experience, and serve as mentors and sounding boards throughout the LNC program year.  Guides are asked to have at least one in-person meeting with their partners and encouraged to communicate more frequently.

Alumni who would like to serve as Guides for members of Class XXII may complete this form to be added to the Class XXII group.   Assignments will be made in August for the program year running October 2014 through May 2015.  Alumni who served as Guides for members of Class XXI are welcome to join the program for another year.

Sign up to be an LNC Guide!

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