June 24, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Maggie Stroud, Alumni Director


Join LNC alumni and friends of LNC for a virtual event centered around broadband in NC!

Join LNC alumni and friends of LNC for a morning presentation and conversation around broadband in NC. This event is hosted by our Western NC Alumni Regional Council Committee.

When thinking about a bridge, we see a beginning, middle, and end. As it relates to broadband in NC, where are we now, what work is there to do, and what are our goals to bringing all 100 counties together with accessible connectivity.

The event will explore questions such as:

• What are the current issues and opportunities facing NC when it comes to broadband today?

• How are public and private partnerships moving connectivity forward?

• What is happening in healthcare, education, government, and economic development as it relates to broadband in Western NC?

• How can companies and individuals play a role in NC’s broadband?

• What action can be taken today to bring connectivity tomorrow?

This event will create space for our alumni and friends to connect and reconnect with LNC.  We believe that creating opportunities for folks to learn something new and strengthen their networks is key in launching NC forward.


Featured Speakers


Is the event open to the public?

Yes – this event is for LNC alumni and friends of LNC

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