Thursday’s program will include an interactive simulation conducted in your Learning Teams.  To be ready to make the most of the simulation, please review the materials included below before joining your classmates in Wilmington.

It will be helpful for at least one member of each Learning Team to have a tablet or laptop with Wi-Fi access to be able to refer to links and resources during the simulation.


Community Assignments

Each Learning Team will be assigned to one of three North Carolina communities.  Review the appropriate community profile linked below and the resource links included and start thinking about how you will pitch your community to prospective companies looking for a new location.


Pitch Worksheets

During session, each team member will be given a hard copy of the Pitch Worksheet linked below.  If you prefer to use a laptop or tablet during session, you may download the Word version.


Requests for Information

During session, each team will be given a set of Requests for Information (RFIs) from a variety of companies.  These documents will be linked below on Thursday morning.

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