October 5 – 7, 2021

When you join your LNC classmates via Zoom in October, you will begin forming connections that will grow throughout the program year. The Orientation session sets the stage for the months ahead. You’ll receive an overview of all things LNC, learn about 500 years of North Carolina history, and begin to explore LNC topics through the LNC Learning Model.

Our goal is that by the end of the session you will have built connections with your classmates, comfort with the LNC team, an understanding of the structure and content of the upcoming sessions, and a foundation for the learning that will take place over the next eight months and beyond.

Use the “Learn More” links under the icons below to find everything you need to know about your Orientation session.  We will continue to add materials as the session approaches. Resources used or mentioned during Orientation will be posted after the session.

Zoom Links

Each segment of the session has a unique Zoom link. Please log in five minutes before each segment starts. You will be placed in the waiting room, and the session will begin at the time listed below. Be sure you are connected and ready to start promptly for each segment. For Zoom tips and protocols, visit the Technology link below.

Participation in all segments of the Orientation session is required for participation in the program.  Missing any portion of Orientation requires withdrawal with no refund.









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