There is no homework required for this session.


Message from the Class XXVI Community Impact Team:

Our focus in Wilmington is Economic Development.  As the Wilmington area still works to recover from Hurricane Florence, we would like to support a local shelter as we help local citizens get back on their feet.  The Good Shepherd Center provides a shelter and food and works to help meet the basic needs of local citizens facing difficult times.  There are a variety of ways we can help:

  • Donate Items:  Please click the link to find items the center needs.  You may bring these items Wednesday and Thursday to LNC.  We will have a donation basket near the back tables. If you would like to donate your hotel shampoos and toiletries, they are also a welcome donation.
  • Donate Time: You may schedule a tour and get information on volunteer hours here.  If you would like to do this before or after our time in Wilmington, please let me know and we can coordinate with the team.
  • Donate Money: You may donate money if you would like.  The center will use the money to best meet the needs of its participants.  Choose the PayPal link under the “Donate” tab.

If serving the Wilmington community in any of these capacities does not work for you, we understand.  We know that each of us works to give back to our local communities in a variety of ways.”

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