Be sure to complete the assignments below before joining your class in Asheville. The assignments are all required unless noted otherwise. Support for Homeward Bound of WNC, the session’s Community Impact Partner, is optional. Many additional recommended resources are included on the Environment Resources page.


Assignments (Required)

Pew Research Political Typology Quiz

  • To be completed by all members of Class XXVI deadline extended to 9 am Monday, April 1.
  • Aggregate results of this quiz will be used as part of the session’s Leadership Profile presentation and conversation. No individual results will be shared.  Be sure to note your category (required). Feel free to print and bring along your full survey results (recommended but not required).
  • Clicking the “By using this form you agree . . .” box is required to submit your response.


Consider Your Impact: Carbon Calculator

  • To be completed by all members of Class XXVI before session.
  • Use this survey to estimate your carbon footprint.  If you don’t know precise figures for any categories, use estimates. Note your household tons of CO2/year under the “Footprint” tab.  Then, be sure to spend some time in the final “Take Action” section to explore ways you can reduce your footprint.  When you enter changes within the “Take Action” subcategories, be sure to click the “Pledge” box at the top right with every change so the banner turns green and your impact gets calculated at the bottom of the page.  (Even though there will already be a check in the “Pledge” box, you need to click that box within each section to register your changes.)  Note the difference between your initial footprint and your footprint after entering changes under “Take Action.” Come to session prepared to talk about your footprint, what changes you can make to have an impact, and what you learned from this exercise.


TED Talk: Ray Anderson on the Business Logic of Sustainability

  • Watch before session


Our Culture of Contempt, by Arthur C. Brooks

  • Read before session


NC Department of Environmental Quality Community Mapping Tool Input Opportunity (Optional)

The NC DEQ is seeking public input as they develop a community mapping tool.  The tool will be used to “assist with departmental decisions with respect to permit development and implementation in North Carolina; provide a service for DEQ to increase local public participation; and highlight the work North Carolinians are doing to address environmental justice statewide.”  Please consider exploring their resources and sharing your input through the survey available through the link above.


Community Impact Opportunity (Optional)

The Class XXVI Community Impact Team has chosen Homeward Bound of WNC for the April community impact project.  The team (including Meredith Switzer, interim ED for Homeward Bound) shared the following about the organization:

“Our work is to secure housing for the chronically homeless – those who have been homeless at least 12 months and have a disability. When we house an individual, we are literally getting them out of the outdoor environment (streets, under bridges, out of homeless encampments) into their own home. We are incredibly proud that we practice the Housing First model, a national best practice, and that we have an 89% retention rate for housing.

One arm of our programming, Welcome Home Center, collects gently used home goods to be given to clients who are being housed for the first time. Donors can donate items they no longer use that would potentially end up in the landfill, so this center offers a way for donors to recycle and repurpose household items. It also encourages a healthy and supportive transition for these clients who are finally going to have a place of their own. We accept lamps, dishes, linen sets, kitchen supplies, and any basic items to help start a new home. We also accept a variety of new items as well such as socks, laundry detergent, dish towels, soap, etc.”

Collection boxes will be available on Wednesday at UNC Asheville for small, easily transportable items.  Financial support is also welcome–donations can be made through the link above.

As with all Community Impact projects, participation is voluntary and tremendously appreciated.

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