“Legislator for an Hour” Simulation

During the Government session, you will have a unique opportunity to gain insight into the legislative process, including discussing and voting on a bill on the floor of the North Carolina House. The first day of the session will feature presentations from legislators and legislative staffers on voter ID legislation in North Carolina. Each class member will be assigned to either the minority or majority caucus and will be seated by caucus for the day. One caucus will be charged with supporting HB 589 and the other with opposing it. Following the background presentations, the class will break into two caucuses to discuss their positions on the legislation and plan their approach to the debate and vote.

Legislators and staffers will help guide the caucus discussions and serve as resource people as the groups prepare for the simulation. Following the caucus meetings, the full group will convene in the House Chamber in the NC Legislative Building to debate and vote on the bill. Some members of each caucus have been assigned scripted speaking roles to guide the exercise. There will be opportunities for others to participate throughout the simulation.

To meet House protocol, business attire is requested for Wednesday. Minimum attire is jacket and tie for men, dignified dress for women, no denim.

Use the “Required Reading” link below to access your homework for this exercise. Be sure to review these materials before the first day of the Government session. You may find it helpful to print the packet and bring it with you or download it to a phone or tablet. Additional resources for the simulation are included below.  You are encouraged to take advantage of these materials.  You aren’t required to explore all of these links, but the more you know about the issue, the better you will be able to participate during the caucus discussion and floor debate.

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