myFutureNC is championing a shared vision for education attainment and collaborating with communities to create real opportunity for all North Carolinians through an aligned, comprehensive system for learning beyond high school. A statewide nonprofit, myFutureNC is the only organization in North Carolina focused on early education all the way to the workforce continuum.  It is the result of cross-sector collaboration between North Carolina leaders in education, business and government, to champion the State goal to have 2 million North Carolinians ages 25-44 to hold a high-quality credential or postsecondary degree by the year 2030. With an urgent and growing need for talent, a degree or credential is key to increasing economic opportunity and social mobility.

  • 67-percent of jobs require a postsecondary degree or high-quality credential, but only 49-percent of North Carolinians between the ages of 25 and 44 have completed that level of education
  • 50-percent of North Carolina employers indicate they are not able to hire the workers they need, citing a lack of employability skills (65%), technical skills (49%), and overall education (43%).
  • Only 24 percent of North Carolinians agree that all students receive the same quality of education regardless of their background.
  • For every 100 9th graders there are 86 high school graduates, of whom 72 express postsecondary intentions, 67 enroll in postsecondary institutions, 51 return for a second year, and 34 end up earning a degree within six years. Watch

myFutureNC is working across sectors and in communities throughout the state to close gaps in the education pathway from early childhood through postsecondary. myFutureNC is reporting on data and benchmarks to measure progress toward the goal, and highlighting key opportunities for improvement to guide the state in alignment between educational programming and business/industry needs to ultimately improve educational opportunities for all North Carolinians.


To help facilitate local conversations and decision-making aimed at increasing education levels, myFutureNC has partnered with Carolina Demography to create data profiles for every county.  These profiles highlight county-level educational attainment and key education and workforce performance metrics, as well as specific opportunities for growth unique to each county.  Explore the county profiles.



myFutureNC Resources

If your organization would like to officially endorse the statewide myFutureNC attainment goal, please complete the endorsement template (PDF or Word Docx) and email it to To learn more about myFutureNC, don’t miss the Education session presentation on December 3rd at 11 AM.

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