Session Workbook

Orientation Session Workbook–This workbook includes links and content for use during your Orientation session. Please review it in advance and download it or have it accessible online during the Orientation session.



  • Explore the Class Portal
  • Review and make sure you have access to the Session Workbook (link above)
  • Download the AMP Parking App on your mobile device and follow instructions in the Session Workbook and on the Directions page to register your car for parking at App State. Promo code is “lnc” (all lowercase) and you will need your vehicle’s make, state of registration, and license number.


The following resources were provided by session presenters in advance to enhance or extend their content.

Session Presentations and Suggested Resources

The following presentations and resources were used during the Orientation session.


The following resources were suggested by class members or presenters during the Orientation session.

Session Follow-Up Materials  for completion AFTER Orientation

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