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Selection Criteria

Open to all citizens of the state, LNC seeks a class of approximately 60 leaders who represent the various geographic regions and communities of the state from the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Special effort is made to ensure diversity among class members (race, gender, geography, occupation, stage of career). The program is not geared toward any particular age range–classes typically consist of participants in their 20s through retirement.

Characteristics of a successful applicant include: commitment, motivation, and interest in serving the state; demonstrated voluntary leadership in community affairs; desire and willingness to seek key volunteer and/or appointed leadership roles; an occupational commitment to remain in the state; and long-term commitment to playing a personal role in helping to shape North Carolina’s future. Participants must have the full support of their employers, with approval for participation in accordance with LNC’s attendance protocols.

Tuition is $5,250 per participant and includes meals and materials. Participants are responsible for travel and lodging costs. Out-of-town participants are encouraged to stay at the selected base hotel for each of the six sessions. Limited funds are available to provide partial, need-based scholarships to candidates who expect to bear some or all of the program costs personally. No full scholarships are offered.

Graduates join a powerful alumni base, with continuing opportunities for networking, exposure, and service.