For 25+ years, we’ve believed in North Carolina’s potential, realized through the effectiveness of its leaders.  You, our alumni, are those leaders.

Today, our commitment to inform, engage, and lead our state’s next generation of key influencers has never been stronger.  Because we believe in a better North Carolina!  But this doesn’t come without a cost, so we need all of our alumni to participate.

A big thank you to all our alumni who joined us for our annual alumni campaign in the spring of 2021!  We are grateful for your trust and support!  Cheers to another year of informing, engaging, and leading alongside each other.

Hear From Our Alumni

Why I Give to LNC


Marty Clayton, LNC Class XVIII

Duke Energy

Why I Give to LNC:  “Let’s answer that question with a question, why would I or any other LNC Alumnus not support LNC.  I see it as a basic obligation and responsibility for having had the opportunity to participate in Leadership NC and be an LNC Alumnus.  It’s Leadership! “


Lawrence Rouse, LNC Class IX

Pitt Community College

Why I Give to LNC:  “I benefited from my participation with Leadership North Carolina in so many ways, that is hard to count them all.  As a leader in higher education today, I still use the leadership experiences I gained over eighteen years ago. Leadership North Carolina is without a doubt the best professional development any aspiring leader can have.”


Nimasheema Burns, LNC Class XXII

NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

Durham Board of County of Commissioners – Candidate Elect

Why I Give to LNC:  “LNC gave me the opportunity to look deeply into the North Carolina that I love and see it for what it was so that I could strategically work to make it better.  I liken the LNC journey to an incubator space where individuals learn to think collaboratively about finding real solutions to everyday problems and embrace the so often over looked beauties of the Old North State.   LNC has given me the chance to make life-long friends, partners and allies, that have not only moved my career forward but aided me in continuing the fight to make sure our state stays the GREAT.  I’m proud to say that I have given back and will continue to do so.  A leader is not a leader until they create a leader who creates other leaders.  It’s my way of paying it forward.”


Scott Saff, LNC Class XXIII

TSE Services & NC’s Electric Cooperatives

Why I Give to LNC:  “I give to LNC because it is one of the few organizations in North Carolina that provides leaders a place where they can engage in crucial conversations without judgement.  The LNC program challenges us to look at issues differently and foster solutions through positive dialogue and collaboration…not conflict.  My financial contribution ensures the next generation of leaders benefit from a strong and vibrant LNC program.””

1,400+ Participants

98 NC Counties Represented

30 Classes

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