Let’s inform, engage, and lead to achieve a better North Carolina.  Join us in this work!  


For more than 25 years, graduating 30 classes and now boasting more than 1,400 alumni, Leadership North Carolina has believed in North Carolina’s potential.  The next phase of North Carolina’s future will be realized through its leaders.  You, our alumni, are those leaders.


Leadership North Carolina’s annual alumni campaign is underway.  LNC needs your help to support the next generation of leaders, but you are not alone in this effort.  Each of the 19 members of the LNC Board of Directors has made a personal investment this year, raising $22,423 and surpassing their goal. This sends a strong signal to our corporation and foundation partners about our community’s commitment to the work and mission of Leadership North Carolina.


Help us reach our goal of $130,000 through your investment in the 2023 Alumni Campaign.  We also invite you to consider a three-year commitment through a recurring payment to enable us to plan and budget in a more forward-focused way.  Thank you so much for your consideration of support for Leadership North Carolina!


A big thank you to all our alumni who joined us for our annual alumni campaign in the spring of 2022!  We are grateful for your trust and support!

Hear From Our Alumni

Why I Invest in LNC


Lawrence Rouse, LNC Class 9

Pitt Community College

Why I Give to LNC:  “I benefited from my participation with Leadership North Carolina in so many ways, that is hard to count them all.  As a leader in higher education today, I still use the leadership experiences I gained over eighteen years ago. Leadership North Carolina is without a doubt the best professional development any aspiring leader can have.”


Bo Somers, LNC Class 17

Duke Energy

Why I Give to LNC:  “I give to Leadership North Carolina because I want to make North Carolina a better place for all. LNC has provided more than 1,400 fellow alumni a forum to engage with lifelong connections to explore North Carolina’s history and critical issues. I want to help ensure that future leaders have that same opportunity to collaborate, challenge one another, and take action to improve the lives of North Carolinians.”


Ken Burton, LNC Class 21

and LNC Board Chair

Bank of America

Why I Give to LNC:  “I invest in LNC to ensure that our state has access to a cadre of well-connected and well-informed leaders across all 100 counties, who are committed to collaborate with others to create a better North Carolina. A better North Carolina puts principles over politics, collaboration over competition and dialogue over division. A better North Carolina leverages government to strengthen the educational system, ensure access to healthcare, facilitate economic development, protect the environment for the benefit of all residents. Won’t you join me in investing in LNC for a better NC?”


Cheryl Parquet, LNC Class 26

and LNC Board Vice Chair

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Why I Give to LNC:  “I give to Leadership North Carolina because I believe in the power of leadership to transform communities. As Vice Chair, I’m proud to say that 100% of our board has contributed to this campaign. By supporting Leadership North Carolina, we’re investing in the future of our state and ensuring that our leaders have the skills and knowledge they need to create positive change.”


Dawn Braswell, LNC Class 25

Siemens Energy

Why I Give to LNC:  “I give to Leadership NC because of the impact the program had on me both personally and professionally. I gained a much better understanding of North Carolina’s history, current challenges, and amazing resources. I want other leaders to be afforded the same opportunity to positively affect North Carolina, the place I am blessed to call home.”

More from Ken Burton, Leadership North Carolina's Board Chair, on why he invests in LNC!

1,400+ Participants

98 NC Counties Represented

30 Classes

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