LNC Governor’s Award

The LNC Governor’s Award is the highest honor LNC can bestow upon a citizen. It is given to a North Carolinian who serves as a leadership role model and whose efforts have resulted in an improved quality of life, economic well-being, and sense of community in our state. The award is presented annually in honor of the current governor, who serves as the honorary chair of the LNC board of directors.

Past Governor’s Award Recipients

Class I Terry Sanford Class XIV Erskine Bowles
Class II Henry Frye Class XV Howard Manning
Class III Bill Lee Class XVI LeRoy Walker
Class IV Hugh Morton Class XVII Nido Qubein
Class V Phil Kirk Class XVIII Paul Wiles
Class VI Mary D.B.T. Semans Class XIX Hugh Shelton
Class VII Harlan Boyles Class XX Cynthia Marshall
Class VIII Bill Friday Class XXI Jim and Ann Goodnight
Class IX Stanley Frank Class XXII James Martin
Class X Jim Hunt Class XXIII Elaine Marshall
Class XI Ruth Shaw
Class XII Bob Ingram
Class XIII Tom Lambeth

Criteria – The LNC Governor’s Award is presented to a citizen of North Carolina whose demonstrated leadership has made a significant improvement in the quality of life, economic well-being and/or sense of community in our State.  Questions to consider when making a nomination include any or all of the following examples:

  • What are the nominee’s most significant leadership roles in professional or civic activities?
  • What are the nominee’s leadership skills and characteristics?
  • In what ways has the nominee impacted the economy and quality of life in his/her community and/or the state?
  • How has the nominee impacted others?
  • Why is the nominee deserving of this award?

Submit a Nomination – The deadline for nominations for the 2019 LNC Governor’s Award is December 15, 2018. You may access the nomination form here.

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