Tanya Evans


Tanya Evans, LNC Class XXIII

District Manager, Government and Community Relations
Duke Energy

“It’s a rare privilege to be able to recognize a single point in time where you know – right then – that everything is about to change. At the end of the first day of orientation, I kicked off my shoes in my hotel room and sat in total silence: my mind racing with anticipation about this journey I started and a smile that would not fade. This feeling stayed with me throughout my entire LNC experience. Each session opened my eyes to a new understanding of my state, my community and myself. It helped me connect with like-minded leaders who had a desire to learn and drive positive change in our communities. Because of LNC, I now think differently. I engage differently. I connect differently. I am proud and humbled to be an alumni of this wonderful organization.”


Justin Belleme


Justin Belleme, LNC Class XXII

JB Media Group

“Growing my business from a solo-freelance operation to a team of 15 over the last 7 years has required a continuous evolution of my leadership skills, approach, and role. Participating in Leadership North Carolina XXII offered me lasting statewide connections, new perspectives, and a much greater understanding of past, present and future of our great state. As someone born and raised in Western NC it was very rewarding to learn more about the entire state.”


Mike Barnes

LNC Class XX

Mike Barnes, LNC Class XX

Principal/Regional Director


“Being a native to North Carolina, I assumed I knew as much about North Carolina as anyone upon being selected as a member of Class XX of Leadership North Carolina.  I was pleasantly surprised to be totally wrong.  From my first day of class through my time as a board member, alumni co-chair, guest speaker, and now an active alum, I continue to learn more every day about our great state and how great our alumni are at LNC.  The relationships that I have made from all over the state have enriched both my professional and personal lives.  I am still amazed at the willingness of LNC alum to pick up the phone whenever you call.  It is truly an honor to be a part of this family.”


Alice Schenall


Alice Schenall, LNC Class XXIII

Director, Quality Improvement

Rural Health Group

My Leadership NC experience provided a safe environment to counter perceptions, explore bias, and practice self-introspection.  The experience developed a deep appreciation for the many ways each sector connects, shaping a unique culture in each community we occupy in NC.  I continue to challenge my leadership paradigm engaging those who vote, worship and value differently than myself.  LNC’s engagement model provokes strategic and intentional leadership. ”


Will Parry-Hill

LNC Class XX

Will Parry-Hill, LNC Class XX

Manager of Government and Industry Relations
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency

“Leadership North Carolina is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my career and continues to pay dividends every day. LNC provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with servant leaders who share a common goal of making our great state even better, take deep dives into the policy issues that matter to our community, and forge lasting relationships. I’m grateful that I was afforded the experience, and thankful to be a part of the LNC community.”


Sheri Shaw


Sheri Shaw, LNC Class XXV

Assistant Dean for Student Success
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

“My LNC experience provided me with a foundation of North Carolina for which I stand on today.  As a transplant to North Carolina from Illinois, I was not familiar with the detailed history or the emerging critical issues in my new location.  LNC provided a candid depiction of the state, the highs and lows,  interweaving industry and community leaders into each session.  To have the opportunity to be a part of a program that thinks carefully and critically about the varied issues across the state and to be able to build a network of amazing friendships with accomplished leaders in their respective industries is a once in a lifetime experience.  To be a member of the LNC Class XXV has been the greatest highlight of my time in the state.”


Brenda Williams


Brenda Williams, LNC Class XXI

Deputy Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Division
North Carolina Department of State Treasurer

“Although I have lived in NC my entire life, through LNC I learned so much that I did not know about unique challenges facing our state.  LNC created an environment in which I was able to brainstorm alongside an impressive group of leaders from diverse experiences, to identify opportunities to make our state a great place to live for all its residents. The vast professional network I gained through LNC has been a tremendous benefit.  Friends and mentors from Class XXI as well as other classes continue to inspire me to reach deeper to use my skills and resources to make a difference.”


Lisa Dalberth


Lisa Dalberth, LNC Class XXIV

Head of Administration
Fidelity Charitable

“My LNC experience changed the way I think about opportunities and issues in North Carolina.  While we all have learned biases and beliefs, the LNC program brings intelligent fact-based realities forward, changing the way a participant develops his/her opinions.  I am forever grateful to the leadership who participated in my learning year, teaching me to think more broadly about concepts and issues in our state.  And helping us drive those concepts to action and positive impact.”

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