Winter 2018


Brenda Williams


Brenda Williams, LNC Class XXI

Deputy Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Division
North Carolina Department of State Treasurer

“Although I have lived in NC my entire life, through LNC I learned so much that I did not know about unique challenges facing our state.  LNC created an environment in which I was able to brainstorm alongside an impressive group of leaders from diverse experiences, to identify opportunities to make our state a great place to live for all its residents. The vast professional network I gained through LNC has been a tremendous benefit.  Friends and mentors from Class XXI as well as other classes continue to inspire me to reach deeper to use my skills and resources to make a difference.”


Will Parry-Hill

LNC Class XX

Will Parry-Hill, LNC Class XX

Manager of Government and Industry Relations
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency

“Leadership North Carolina is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my career and continues to pay dividends every day. LNC provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with servant leaders who share a common goal of making our great state even better, take deep dives into the policy issues that matter to our community, and forge lasting relationships. I’m grateful that I was afforded the experience, and thankful to be a part of the LNC community.”


Mike Barnes

LNC Class XX

Mike Barnes, LNC Class XX

Principal/Regional Director


“Being a native to North Carolina, I assumed I knew as much about North Carolina as anyone upon being selected as a member of Class XX of Leadership North Carolina.  I was pleasantly surprised to be totally wrong.  From my first day of class through my time as a board member, alumni co-chair, guest speaker, and now an active alum, I continue to learn more every day about our great state and how great our alumni are at LNC.  The relationships that I have made from all over the state have enriched both my professional and personal lives.  I am still amazed at the willingness of LNC alum to pick up the phone whenever you call.  It is truly an honor to be a part of this family.”


Callee Boulware


Callee Boulware, LNC Class XXIV

Executive Director
Reach Out and Read Carolinas

“The LNC experience has transformed the way I approach my work in NC.  My exposure to new content, not generally a part of my professional work, has deepened my understanding of how seemingly disconnected areas truly do connect.  Perhaps most importantly, I have developed strong and lasting relationships with amazing leaders across the State, and continue to be encouraged, motivated, and inspired by the work of LNC graduates.  As I run into alums across the state, our shared experience provides a great bond and an open door for working together to make a strong North Carolina.  I am deeply grateful for my LNC experience.”

Summer 2018


Randall Johnson

LNC Class XV

Randall Johnson, LNC Class XV

Executive Director – Southeastern Office
North Carolina Biotechnology Center

“As a lifelong North Carolinian, I’ve been honored to participate in the Leadership North Carolina program for over 10 years as a class member and now as a graduate, serving as alumni class chair, mentor, and sponsor. Whether I’m learning something new about our great state, strengthening my LNC relationships, meeting a new friend or professional colleague in the extensive LNC network, or working on a service opportunity to enhance North Carolina, the unparalleled LNC experience continues to enlighten me and to enrich my life immeasurably, both personally and professionally. I am now a lifelong Leadership North Carolinian.”


Dr. Delores Parker

LNC Class IX

Dr. Delores Parker, LNC Class IX

Retired Educator

“LNC provided me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on critical issues challenging the state. My career journey had allowed me to live outside of the state for over five years. Upon my return, I found it amazing to learn of the major changes, challenges and opportunities which had occurred during my absence. LNC Program sessions were intellectually stimulating and encouraged civic engagement.”


Kristina Fransel


Kristina Fransel, LNC CLASS XXIV

President, Greater Carolinas Chapter
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

“As a transplant to NC, the program helped me gain a thorough understanding of the many diverse regions that contribute to this great state including the interconnected, complex web of systems that are at work here every day. I walked away from LNC with an expanded network of amazing people and having been exposed to a multitude of volunteer opportunities. I grew personally and professionally and appreciated the emphasis that we as a group placed on embracing diverse perspectives and encouraging dialogue about the difficult issues facing North Carolinians and Americans alike.”


Bill Rhyne


Bill Rhyne, LNC Class XIV

Senior Director of Operations Support
Harris Teeter, LLC

“While I have had the opportunity to be very involved in my local community, Leadership North Carolina expanded my horizons from a state viewpoint. The LNC team goes through great effort to put together a broad mix in agenda topics that cover our public and private lives. They also put forth the same energy in selecting participants from across the state with various professional backgrounds and experiences. This combination makes for a great mixing bowl!”