Christy Gharbo


Christy Gharbo is a visual strategist, graphic facilitator, and Certified Visual Coach®, and the founder of VizualWorx, where she partners with individuals and organizations to navigate challenges and opportunities in their businesses and their lives. Christy believes most of us already have the answers we’re looking for, we just can’t see them. Using visuals and visual thinking, she helps clients uncover these answers. Acting as visual thought partner, facilitator, and scribe, she literally “draws information out” of her clients and creates a visual representation of their thoughts. As Christy helps clients “see what they are thinking,” they are able to organize information, generate and shape ideas, uncover patterns, and identify connections. This process of “making meaning” creates clarity, and in turn enables clients to make informed decisions and act with confidence.


Christy loves the moments when the fog is lifted and clients step back and say, “I see it so clearly now.” She has helped individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporations, and nonprofit groups “see more clearly” and use visuals to solve problems, communicate ideas, facilitate change, and bring ideas to life.

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