Jenn Giordano


Coaching Background and Credentials

Jenn has over a decade of coaching and facilitation experience. She worked internally at Fortune 500 companies and then launched her coaching and training practice in 2009.  Jenn works with leaders at all levels and industries, helping them realize their full potential and assisting them in putting a plan in place to reach their objectives. Her professional background, coupled with her double Master’s in counseling and organizational psychology from Columbia University and her undergraduate degree in Human & Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University, has given her deep executive and team development skills.

Past Experiences

Jenn has been an executive coach, trainer, and facilitator for leading companies such as PwC, Genentech, SunTrust, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase, and HCA Healthcare. At PwC, Jenn worked in their Advisory line of service within their Human Capital group, assisting clients in the pharmaceutical, technology, energy, and finance industries. Jenn specializes in coaching leaders during career and organizational transitions. She uses various assessment tools to help individuals and teams understand and value differences.  Jenn loves working with individuals and groups at any stage in their career, helping them to become clear on their values, skills, and goals while aligning these with the needs of the people they lead.

Coaching Experience

  • Lead coach and facilitator on a CEO Biotech eight-month leadership development program (Program on year 4)
  • Executive Coaching of C-Suite clients for large, nationwide, hospital system
  • Specializes in transition coaching for leaders newly promoted
  • Coached 250 + Millennials

Examples of Training Facilitation Topics

  • Leadership Development: Self as Leader, Vision, and Mission, Trust as Foundational Leadership, Building and Motivating a Team, Executive Presence, Leadership EQ, Action Learning Projects
  • Professional Skills Development: Management Skills, Performance Management, Coaching and Feedback, Relationship Skills, Conversation Skills, Presentation Skills, Networking Skills
  • Future of the Workplace: Intergenerational Issues (Collaboration across the four generations), Millennials Engaging and Retaining Gen Y, Flexibility in the Workplace, Leading V
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