Event Recap

On January 25, 2018, a capacity crowd gathered at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library for dialogue and discussions centered around citizen leadership and how best to lead and listen through disruption. We hope these conversations continue well beyond the Forum and that the connections made lead to lasting benefits for our state.

For the past several years, John Davis of the John Davis Political Report has launched our Government session with a look at North Carolina’s political landscape. His overview highlights both common ground and divergent viewpoints. He concludes his presentation by inviting the current LNC class to “have a cup of coffee with someone who thinks differently than you.”

To bridge the divides in our state, to model what we want to see, and to build understanding, we invite you to do the same. For LNC alumni, use your program connections to reach out to alumni who see things differently. For our friends and supporters, use your personal and professional networks to start new conversations. Ask questions to understand someone else’s perspective. Listen. It might not be easy. It’s likely to take more than one cup of coffee. But we know the power of relationships to bring our state together. Please join us.

Also, save the date for our 2019 Forum to be held at Market Hall in downtown Raleigh on Thursday, January 24, 2019.

Click here for 2018 LNC Forum photo album




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