The LNC Forum is Leadership North Carolina’s flagship event for leaders from across North Carolina. Often referred to as “LNC in one day,” the LNC Forum provides an update for LNC alumni and a sample of the LNC experience for leaders interested in the program. Hosted annually, the Forum educates leaders about the most critical issues facing the state, creating a more informed group of stakeholders committed to North Carolina’s future.


Save the Date for our 2023 Forum:  Thursday, May 18!


Recap From Our 2022 Forum

The past two years have shaken the ground beneath us and the world around us in many ways. Our communities, our jobs, and our daily lives have shifted in significant ways. As we lift our heads to move forward, there is an opportunity before us to rechart our course with new tools, new partners, and new strategies. How are you navigating the layers in your life and community to chart your course forward? Who are the guides showing you the hidden treasures you may otherwise miss? How have you stepped forward to serve as a guide for others to find our way forward? What grounds you as you make forward steps for your community and NC?

The LNC Forum brought together alumni, community leaders, and diverse speakers to share information and expertise to ensure paths of positive change are created and expanded in every county in North Carolina. We need to continue to define the idea of leadership in North Carolina and how we can best engage with one another to create intentional bridges of action. Bridging North Carolina’s issues and opportunities is important work and we all can take action today, for tomorrow.

Our Forum Speakers


Brian Franklin, LNC Class XXVI

Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs, North Carolina - Duke Energy

Christy Gharbo

Founder - VizualWorx

Curt Ladig, LNC Class XXI, Chair of LNC Board of Directors

President and CEO - Delta Dental of North Carolina

Dawn Daly-Mack, LNC Class XXVII

Registered Nurse and ACO Care Coordinator - Rural Health Group

Eugenia Floyd

2021 Burroughs Wellcome Fund North Carolina Teacher of the Year

Jenn Giordano

Founder - SmartfulWorks

Maggie Kane

Founder and Executive Director - A Place at the Table

Thank You To Our Sponsors

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